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Terms and Conditions:

*Refund policy:  No refunds will be issued for missed classes.

*In the event that Phytivity, LLC needs to cancel a class, Phytivity will offer a make up class for the canceled class.

*If Phytivity, LLC needs to cancel a class we will notify you via the e mail address and phone number you provided on the registration form.

*Full payment due for the Spring 2024 session before April 2, 2024..

*Phytivity reserves the right to cancel a session due to insufficient enrollment.  Upon cancellation a refund for the cost of the season will be processed.

*Should Phytivity, LLC need to remove a child from class, a refund will be issued after deduction for classes already attended. 

*Parents must sign out their children through childcare center.  

- I/We the parent(s) hereby give my/our approval to for my/our child to participate in any/all Phytivity, LLC activities during the school year.

- I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation with Phytvity, LLC.   I/We do herby waive, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Phytivity LLC and their staff and guest participants and persons teaching my/our child.

- I/We agree in the event of an emergency that requires immediate action before I/We can be reached for a staff member of Phytivity LLC to use their best judgement in the treatment/care of my/our child.

Informed Consent/General Release

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY  TO INDICATE YOUR AGREEMENT. NOTE: THIS FORM INCLUDES A RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Since participation in physical fitness can be dangerous, Phytivity LLC requires that all participants (and their adult parent(s) or guardians) to assume all risks associated with the activities by signing this general release. For and in consideration of my child being permitted to participate in Phytivity LLC activities, I hereby voluntarily release, discharge, waive and relinquish any and all claims or actions for damages for personal injury, permanent disability, death, or property damage which my child may have, or which may here after accrue to my child, as a result of his/her participation in Phytivity, LLC activities. This release is intended to discharge, in advance, Phytivity LLC, it’s owners, employees and agents, and the guest teachers/participants from any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my child’s participation in the Phytivity LLC activities. I further understand that serious accidents occasionally occur and that participants occasionally sustain serious personal injuries, death or property damage as a consequence thereof. Knowing the risks, I have voluntarily applied for my child to participate in the activities of the curriculum and thereby agree to assume those risks to release and hold harmless Phytivity, LLC its owners, employees or agents, or the owners or maintainers of any facility used by Phytivity LLC for educational or recreational activities, who (through negligence or carelessness) might otherwise be liable to me or to my child (or my heirs or assigns) for damages. I further understand and agree that this release, discharge, waiver, and assumption of risk is to be binding on my and my child’s heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.
I have read this Informed Consent/General Release, fully understanding its terms.

I accept the terms listed in the agreement above.

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